This is My Story

Stumbling into this industry was a happy accident. After earning my B.S. in Theatre Arts Management, I ended up working as a job coach supporting people of all levels of ability in their search for the job of their dreams. This included one-on-one discovery consultations to find the best fit for both their skills and ambitions, soft skills coaching, interview and networking preparation, and helping to create an eye catching resume and cover letter to seal the deal.

What started as a day job after college turned into a passion, and I started creating resume templates for family and friends in my free time. This lead to a near-obsessive hobby of studying job skills, networking, and branching out into more extensive projects to help people succeed long after they’ve signed their New Hire paperwork.

So, here we are! Nine to 5 design is the product of a passion to help people from all walks of life find success at work and in life. From resume templates, cover letters and reference sheets, to per-programmed excel workbooks designed to meet your needs, and power point templates to let you focus on your content without worrying about losing your audience to lackluster design.

Your work is my work, and it is an honor to help you up the ladder.