How is it possible that it’s here already? When I think of the Most Gluttonous Day of the Year, a lot comes to mind. Delicious food, the comfort of family and friends, the cognitive dissonance that occurs when you realize what you’re actually celebrating…but the one thing that I had always wished I could improve upon is the inevitable onslaught of BORED KIDS that can’t possibly wait thirty more minutes for supper!

Well, I present to you, the Turkey Day Activity Booklet!

(Click the picture to download the booklet 🙂 )


This will hopefully keep your young minds of all ages busy, so you can focus on making the magic happen! They’ll have coloring pages, puzzles, and interactive activities all featuring happy little food buddies, with some sour-faced cranberries, and one very nervous turkey leg!

This fun little booklet is designed to be printed on your average computer paper, and simply folded horizontally (or “hamburger style,” as I like to call it.) You can leave it as is, or you can get creative and bind it with staples or string; There are no rules!

This is the first that I’ve ever created of this kind, but I’m proud to say that every single image (down to the leaves) is original. I’m thinking of beginning a tutorial series where I can show you how to create the things I feature on this blog. This is a learning experience for all of us, and I’m teaching myself new tricks all the time. I love the feeling of trying and accomplishing new things, and i bet you do too. Let me know what you think!

I hope you and the people in your life get a lot of use out of my little activity book, and you all have a great holiday. I’m curious: What are your plans?


Until next time, thanks for joining me!